Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nap Time Pals

There are so many toys in my bed that there's hardly any room for me. I said "hardly", but see? I manage to squeeze in there anyway. These are almost all my friends. Aunt Sonia took this picture of me to share with you. You can probably tell I was sound asleep. I trusted her, too. She's never snuck up on me before with a camera, but I guess all ladies are like that. Going "oooh oohh ...that's is SOOO cute. Let me have a picture!" (click-flash) and I'm blind for an hour. Well, so it goes.

Oh yes. Also. I went to my Uncle Rudy's on Sunday. My cousins, Cailin and Clancy, were having a piano recital. I couldn't go. Don't ask MEEE why, but it's ok. I stayed with Uncle Rudy and we had lots to catch up on. He's such a neat guy. And very wise. He lives with TWO cats, too. He had some pointers for me that will be verrrrrrrry helpful, like cats are bi-polar (whatever that means). They tend to act all calm and cool, and then they weird out on you.

Mom says to tell you she'll post a picture or two of my cousins at the recital later if they came out. She has to hook the camera up to the computer with a cable because one of the prongs is bent in the card reader, and her sorry attempt at fixing it with her nail file bombed on her. One of these days she'll learn. But will she listen to MEEEEE? Nope.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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