Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Cat on the Fence

Mom tried to get a picture. Her flash disk or camera card or whatever they call it was acting up and kept saying "corrupt data". So she stomped upstairs and put the card into the computer and deleted everything. Now she's back to Picture #1 and here it is. Oh, lucky MEEEEE! Her camera is working again. And yes, that's a feather on my nose. I was BUSY snuffling.

Back to the cat on the fence. So I'm outside just diddling around, sniffing and stuff, and I look up. [gasp] A CAT!! ON MY FENCE. Right on the very top of it half hidden by the oleander tree. But it's tail was hanging down, swinging back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...zzzzz..huh? Like maybe it was going to HYP-NO-TIZE me? Uh uh, I said. So I frittered around and pretty soon it put it's tail up. I'm not falling for that one. Then I trotted back in the house just in time to find Mom had fixed the camera. And the dumb old cat can just fall off the fence for all I care.

Joyous Day!



MJ's doghouse said...

mary margaret...sometimes kitties just want to watch you. They just think you are such a cutie. Maybe you shouldnt scare them too much. They will go home meowing to the mommy

Oscar said...

It seems like you always have a cat on your fence. When I go out to the country, I like to watch them. Actually, when they are porch, I like to bark at them and then chase them up trees. It's so fun!

Sparky said...

I like that picture of you. It's very cute. :)


Turbo the Sibe said...

Cats are tricky! Be careful!