Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ghost Dog and the Sailor Dress

My very good friend Abbey Mia from Brighton, NY got a new sailor dress. My very good friend P-Nut from Lake Isabella got a new sailor dress. How does a puppy explain that they want to be like the rest of the girls? I'm more of a tom-boy type, but when I saw how cute my friends looked, I really REALLY wanted a sailor dress, too. My Aunt Shelly, who knows me and understands me, sent me a surprise!
TA DAAAAA! Today is the very first day I got to wear it. And wouldn't you just KNOW it? Mom comes to work carrying a camera. There should be a law. Do you see her? Is she coming?
OOOOOPS! Darn it. Just when I thought I was safe. But you have to admit, it's MEEEE! Red, white and blue! Everly so patriotic, dontcha think? HMMMMMM????
Mom happened to be fussing with the camera trying to figure out what was wrong as I happened to be zipping around and I stopped for a split second to see what she was up to. Again, like I said once before, her most interesting pictures happen quite by accident.

Dear Aunt Shelly and P-Nut: Thank you everly so much for my absolutely perfectly fit gorgeous sailor dress. I got so many compliments today I'm afraid I got a bit puffed up about myself, but I'm ok now. Every one should feel good about how they look once in a while, don't you think? I DO love you!!

Niters for now...

Mary-Margaret "Anchors Away" O'Brien


Anonymous said...

You look so everly cute. I hope you will wear it at least a few times.
With how warm our weather has been I know you'll be naked for at
least the next 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 months.
Hugs, Auntie Shelly & gang

Sharon said...

You look lovely in your new sailor's dress. Snickers prefers to run around in the nude. She is very naughty.
Snickers and Sharon

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mary Margaret. Nice to meet you. I have a dress exactly like yours. My mom bought it for my past birthday. It doesn't look the same in me because I am a dachshund, can you imagine? A little bit short!
My mom loves your blog.