Thursday, May 24, 2007

No cats for you!

No cats for me, either. Mom even took the camera downstairs just in case...and it was WORKING, but nope. Nobody came by. I spent a lot of time outside, too. Jess, the irrigation man, cleared a lot off the slope so tonight I came back in the house with only one burr on my butt. Mom picks them off me very gently and tosses them into the trash can.

Sooo....she says she's too tired to take dictation tonight. That's why no diary entry for today.

I do want to thank all my friends for their comments the past few days. It's really nice to know you're out there. Especially I want to thank GirlGirl Hamster, FuFu's little sister. She has valiantly carried on his tradition of entertaining photo essays about life as a hamster.

Love you guys...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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Sparky said...

I get tons of burrs in my fur when I visit farms! But where I live, I don't get them very often. :P