Monday, May 07, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

Where did the weekend go? I swear it was over before I even knew it was here. Whoosh here....whoosh there. Busy busy busy.

About the camera...the compact flash card works in the computer now, but not in the camera. Go figure. So maybe Mom did fix the slot with her nail file? Horrors...I hate to think what she'll "fix" next. But why won't it work in the camera, now? Another puzzle to solve. Anyway, that's why no pictures tonight.

The kitty came to visit last night. I stayed out really late talking over the back fence. The kitty is nice to me but runs away when it sees my mom. Mom says it's a feral cat, which means wild. Which also means to me that it doesn't have to answer to anyone at all and it can stay up as long as it wants, and nobody tells it what to do. Does that sound bad? But......what about dinner time? And bed time? And watching "The Bachelor" time? I don't think I'd like having all that freedom. I like being warm and cozy and having a full tummy.

Some man was asking Mom about me being a service dog.'s any of his business? He was kind of making fun, I think. Saying stuff like "What's she do...lead the blind?". Jerk. Mom was nice to him though, except she took a really long time in putting my vest on and he was too stubborn to walk around her. So Mom took even longer than usual. She didn't say so, but I think she was tweaking his chain a bit because he was so rude.

The pouch man brought me a package today. It didn't say "Mary-Margaret" on it, but I could tell it was mine. My hat was inside. I guess I must have left it at Uncle Jason's house. Too bad they found it. I know Mom likes me to wear it, but I wish it would stay permanently lost. REALLY, I do.

Four more days until Friday. Oh, I can't wait. Maybe THIS weekend we can relax a bit, ya think??

Love, Mary-Margaret


Anonymous said...

Did you give that idiot one of the cards I sent you about service dogs/fur babies or, did you eat it when you opened the last package we sent you ????? Hugs, Aunt Shelly

Fu Fu said...

Hey Mary-Magaret, what's a service dog? Is the kitty friendly? I hope it comes back to play with you

~ fufu