Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Roof and the Downspout

About 10 years ago, the Roof Company fixed a little problem under our entry way celestory window. (I asked Mom how to spell that, btw!) The Roof man nailed another piece of "flashing" and the problem stopped. Then, a couple of years ago the Gutter Man put a downspot right over the place where the flashing went. There is a leak because the Roof Man put a big old nail hole in our roof, and the Gutter Man made the downspout pour right over the hole. So Mom wants to know who should fix it? I think the Roof man because he put a hole in our roof. He says he only guarantees for two years and it wouldn't have leaked except the Gutter Man put the downspout over his hole. AAAAARRRRGGHHH...too confusing for me! Opinions appreciated.

I got a shower yesterday, and got cream rinse, too! I AM soft, silky, gorgeous. Everybody wanted to rub my tummy yesterday. It was a very good day. Also I met the landscapers who keep MY groundcover at the office all neat and trimmed. Very nice people, I tell YOUUU! I went out there to do my business and they all stopped still, like statues, watching me as I checked out their work. They absolutely froze. embarrassing. I couldn't ...wouldn't.....shouldn't.....! Not in FRONT of them. So I didn't. They all whistled at me and called me "Perrito" and made kissy noises. I think I like them. I asked Mom to take me out later when there was more privacy.

When we got home I had a serious talk with my mother about my sensitivities. I DO have feelings, you know.

Have a nice day.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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