Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Sunday visit

This afternoon, my mom's friend Margie came over and we all drove over to Mr and Mrs Graff's house. They live on the top of a hill and I tell YOUUUU! There are some amazing smells wafting in with the breeze. I personally liked the back yard where the pool is, and I did as much sniffing as I could being attached to the end of a leash being held by a particular person who shall remain unnamed who just doesn't GET sniffing and what it's all about. I left just a hint of my fragrance over by a palm tree so their dogs, Buddy and Deacon, wouldn't forget me.

The whole house was everly so interesting. They even have a movie theater. They said that me and Mom could come over and watch movies with them any time. Mom told her that I like Benji type movies, and that I get all caught up in stuff like "Meercat Manor" on the Animal Planet. I really DO like anything with pups in it. If Mom's watching TV and a dog comes on (or a cat), she'll say "DOGGIE!!" or "KITTY!" out loud and I come running from wherever I am. Hey...I'm just a small town Yorkette and I have my dreams, you know?

I could maybe fill a gap in the entertainment industry, like maybe for Britney Spears? "Oops, I did it again!" sure fit me today. Mom should KNOW better than to lock the slider over my personal door when I've just had a bath. I couldn't hold it...but I sure tried. It was a whopper of a puddle....a two thirsty paper towel piddle spot. I felt awful, so I didn't get yelled at much. OK OK...maybe a little guilt was laid on me, but that's what Mom's do, ya know? Anyway..that'll teach her. Fortunately, she was planning on shampooing the carpet anyway. Whew!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Love, Mary-Margaret "Oops" O'Brien

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Anonymous said...

Awwwe, we all have boo boos sometimes, it's good your mom wasn't too mad about it :)


P.S. I hope you don't mind if I add your link to my page so I can visit more!