Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nothing for MEEE in the pouch

I haven't gotten anything to open in everly so long. But today, Pam the UPS lady came late and there was a package. I grabbed it. "NO! That's MINE!", said Mom. "Er...I don't THEEENK so", I said, and hopped up on her desk. I grabbed it again. "MINE MINE MINE!", I told her.

"You get OFFA there, Mary-Margaret", Mom said. "GET DOWN", so I did. But "It's MINE", I insisted. I guess I must have looked really sad and disappointed because she said, finally, after I had stomped on her keyboard and made funny characters on her screen, " can open it.."(the adding very quietly).. ".....But it's mine!".

I haven't had so much fun in ages. (hee HEEEEEEE!) After a bit, Mary-Ann from Down The Hall came in and started to laugh. "Does she do this often?", she wondered. I was having a great time until the vacuum cleaner came out and I was told "That's enough, Mary-Margaret!". Uh oh. We do NOT like vacuum cleaners. Nope, we do NOT! We hid behind the chair until it got put back.

We got our new washer and dryer this morning. Good thing, too. I think somebody was running out of clothes to wear. And it wasn't MEEE. Oh, and Mike the Gutter man came by to see if maybe the gutter wasn't working right. Now Dave the Roof Man is coming on Tuesday. It's always something, Mom tells me. I don't mind in the least. I get to make new friends.

Well, good night for now. Tomorrow, I get a professional tummy rub from my pawdicurist, Miss Cathleen. I can't wait.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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