Friday, May 04, 2007

The Piano Recital

Clancy and Cailin, my cousins, are waiting for their turn to perform. All of the piano students sat on a sofa. When it was time for them to play, the teacher called their name and they went up and stood facing the audience. They said their name, their age, and what grade they were in. Then they went and sat on the piano bench and played their performance piece. Clancy played first, and then Cailin. Everybody clapped and Mom says they had a very good time.

After the recital, Mom, Uncle Jason and Auntie C, and my cousins went out to Ruby's for hamburgers and malteds. All this is being told to me since I wasn't INVITED!! Nope! I have to live vicariously through these precious moments because of a simple birth defect. I was born a DOG! Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. I am treated very well and some folks say I'm spoiled. Really, the only things I miss out on are piano recitals and restaurants mostly, although I suppose if Mom really wanted to support my cause, I could have gone. Probably. But I'll never know, will I? Nope. I said....I got to spend some private one-on-one time with my Uncle Rudy. That was a good thing.

Huh? Oh, Mom says I should quit griping and get on with my life. OK. Moving on here.

Um.......(thinking).......OH YESSS! Clancy has braces and he really looks everly so kewl. And.....(thinking some more)....The new washer and dryer work pretty well so far. Mom had to buy some new detergent, though. Some High Concentrate stuff, because her new washer only uses 13 gallons of water compared to 35-40. She says, anyway. Two whole loads and everything came out clean and fresh. I know because I stomped on Mom's undies the first chance I got just before she folded them. I like to leave footprints wherever I can, you know. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

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