Saturday, June 23, 2012

My VERY Good Friend, Keri!!

This is one of my most favorite BFF's - Keri Stewart - who worked in the office with my Mom for several years while she was going to college and getting her teaching credential. Woo hoo! She's going to be working with us again part time for the summer. I am SOOOOO excited. And she came by to take us both out to lunch. "Steak!"...Yup. We are getting STEAK!!!

Uh bad. Apparently that invitation didn't include poor little ME. Nope. I am everly so disappointed. My heart is absolutely broken in two. I think my face says it all. Keri is trying to console me but it's not working. Humans can be SO cruel.

However, my day turned out ok. Mom only ate HALF her steak and brought the rest back for me. Oh yum. My most favorite supper of all time - chunks of medium rare sirloin and kibble. Am I a lucky pup or what??



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