Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Friend, Candy

I was going to go out before supper and take care of some business. But when I stuck my head out my personal doggie door someone said "Hello? I think I'm lost. Do you know where I live?". I'm not good at directions so I called for my mom.

"Arf. Arf. Arf. ARFFFFF!", I said. Over and over. At first I got ignored. Then she said "Oh, HUSH, Mary-Margaret!". Um...Mom? There's something amiss back here. You really need to come. So I kept barking.

"Ugh", she said, probably remembering that rat from a while back that needed last rites. "What have you found now?". I pointed to our back yard. Mom sucked in a bunch of air and said OHMYGOODNESS. Then she went outside in her nightgown and the stranger came right over to her. She was wearing a pink collar and trailing a dark pink leash. I told her that Mom was kewl and not to be afraid. "How on earth did YOU get in here?", Mom asked.

Mom felt around her neck and found some tags. One of them said "Candy" on it and it had a couple of phone numbers. Mom picked Candy up and carried her into the house. She was pretty bony under all that fur. She looked an awful lot like me only lighter in color, with a long tail, and...well, not to be rude or anything, but she really could use a professional groomer. She had dread-locks and long nails and lots of stuff stuck in her hair.

I let Candy sit on Mom's lap to get the stickers and twigs pulled out of her fur. Then we took her into the kitchen and gave her a bowl of Pinnacle duck and potato dry kibble and some water. Boy, was she hungry. I had my dinner at the same time.

We called the phone numbers on Candy's tag and left a message. A few minutes later someone called back and said they didn't even know she was gone. Then Candy's mom came and picked her up. I think Candy probably got out, walked up the sidewalk on the really busy street and then came up the slope to my yard. We can't figure out how else she would have gotten in there by herself.

Candy is a very smart girl to come to my house for dinner. We had some visiting time and then we kissed each other good bye. I think I have a new friend, now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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