Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Getting my Taxes Done

Here's me and my accountant, Doug MacRae. I just love him to pieces. I'm almost six and one half years old and I have never had to pay taxes yet. See how good he is? And he keeps a "cookie table" in his office. My personal favorites are the short breads. Mmmm-mmmm!!

Mostly he doesn't take appointments for the first two weeks in April. Mom was a little behind in setting things up. Then Marie (she does our payroll) asked if I was coming with Mom. Well....YEAH!! Of course I am, I said really loudly so Marie would hear. "Ok...we can get you in at 11:00 on Monday!", she said. When Doug saw me he said "Hello, Mary-Margaret!! How are you today?". Then Doug saw Mom and said "What are you doing here? I don't have appointments for these two weeks!". Mom explained that Marie said we could come if I came, too. "Oh!", he said. "Well, that's ok then!".

See how things are? Mom would be totally lost without me, I think. I have job security for as long as I want.



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Joanna in Las Vegas said...

You sure look pleased with yourself. How many bones or cookies are you gonna get in your return?