Friday, March 09, 2012

Dear Grandpa...

Mom talked to Melissa yesterday. She'd really like to talk to you. She sent you a letter a while back and asked you some questions. She wants to know what you remember about growing up...about your childhood and your memories. You are the last of a generation and our family history is very important to her and to her boys.

Thanks to Mila we have a lot of information but Melissa would like to know about YOU.

Please write her back.

ALSO - about your phone - Verizon says that they will be more than happy to bill you for your own account, but you PERSONALLY have to go into a Verizon store OR call them. They have to get a whole bunch of really personal information from you before they'll give you an account. Mom says you are much better off getting a pre-paid cell phone like we said before. She even emailed both Mike and Greg and asked them if they could please help out. Maybe they could even add you to their family plan, but that's just one idea. If you get a pre-paid phone it will be a whole lot cheaper than if you go on a contract.

Love and kisses...

Mary-Margaret, your ever lovin' Grand Doggy

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