Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Horking on a Kibble

"Hork hork hork aaaaack!" Blegh! Kibble down the wrong way. Had to hack it back up again. "HORK HORK HORK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" I hate that feeling.

Apparently my "associate" hates it, too. Next thing I hear is "We're going to the doctor!". What the heck? It's just a kibble. And a little allergy, maybe. Big deal. But I find out my everly of my everly most....favorite doctors will be seeing me. It's Dr. Amy. My gosh, I've known her ever since I was a baby and she was a vet tech. Amazing what a few years will change.

Anyway, I am just fine. See? Just like I said....I was hacking up a stray kibble and maybe a little stuff from my allergy. We are told to get some "baby Benedryl". That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

OH MY STARS!! Mom is SUCH a nincompoop. Dr. Amy said 10 cc's but she did NOT say all at once. You know what happens when you give a pup 10 cc's of pink cherry syrup all at once? Hmmmmm??? Well, let me tell you that the kitchen counter, the walls, Mom and ME were covered in that stuff. I thought I was drowning. And then guess what goes down the wrong way? Yup!! Pink cherry syrup and I am coughing and spraying all over the place for the next hour. And my beautiful hair-do is now sticking straight out from my poor little body like a punker. I'm told I will get a bath in the morning.

Next time, I will eat my kibbles more slowly.



PS - Isn't my Dr. Amy one of the prettiest veterinarians you ever saw? Mom says she looks like Princess Catherine, sort of. All I know is that she is really nice, gentle and gives me kisses. I forgive her for prescribing the Benedryl already.

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Neeko said...

Oh! Gorgeous...
That sounds just awful... but agree with you that your Lady Dogtor is verrrrrrrry preeeeeeeeeetty :o)

Yes! For the love of God eat those kibbles slooooooowly next time.

Love and Smooches,
Neeko ♥
P.S. Cannot get my secretary to help Meee with my bloggie lately... Sigh!