Monday, June 04, 2012


I’m the Head of Public Relations and the Receptionist at my job. I’ve been working since I was 9 weeks old. When people come to my office to ask us to do a job it’s my responsibility to greet them, say “Come in, please?”, and introduce myself: “Hello! My name is Mary-Margaret! How may I help you?”.

After I show them where to sit, I go get my mom…er…I mean…My BOSS! (Yeah….well, she’s only my boss at the office but not at home…don’t tell her I said that, though!) She comes out and sits across from our clients and they start telling her what the problem is. If they get a bit upset or start to cry, that’s my signal to give them some loving.

I start out by sort of rubbing up against their leg and they reach down and pet me. If they’re really distressed I might even hop into their lap and flip over on my back. There’s something about a warm pink puppy tummy that gets most folks calmed down pretty well, not to mention I get a belly rub out of it.

By the time they’re done talking to my mom and we get the job all set up, they get ready to leave. That’s my cue to nuzzle up to them and, if they let me, I give them a big wet kiss on the chin. Otherwise, I hop down and walk over to the door. I “arf” good-bye softly a couple of times and do that pirouette thing I learned from Jilli Dog at the last Convention in Nashville.

We have another satisfied customer and another productive day. It’s good to feel needed and useful and appreciated, no matter if you’re a pup or a people. Personally, I think the world would be a better place if more pups worked with their humans. Our office building now has several workers of the canine persuasion. Even our building owner brings her French bulldog, Ozzie, to work with her. (Note: Ozzie was one of the kids I mentored in Puppy School and he’s turned out rather nicely, I must say!)

The Los Angeles Times did an article about Dogs at Work. Maybe this is catching on??

Dogs at Work

Love and schlurps… Mary-Margaret O’Brien

PS - This is also my article in this month's Yorkie Times newsletter. I'll post the link as soon as I have it.

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Crazy Mama said...

Sounds like you're much better behaved than my Yorkie.