Friday, July 23, 2010

Pictures I Promised!

When I'm at the market I mostly look for my special friends. Here I am staring at Janet who works at the Customer Service counter. I am willing her to see me. It's a gift I'll see!

Here's my very good friend, Rosie! She just graduated from high school and already they are teaching her to be a checker. I kind of miss her wheeling me out to the car and telling me about her pup, Andie (a little dachshund). Still...she remembers to say "Hi" to me.

Moving on down the line, I go back to staring at Janet. Like...geez...what's the matter with her that she hasn't seen me yet?

HA HA...Jokes on me. She knew I was there. She sneaks up on me and starts to give me a back-rub. I tuck my head down to make it easier for her. Ahhhhhhh! (I say)...a little to the left, please??

I just love going to the market.



PS - You might have noticed that you usually see the back of my head. It doesn't start out that way, but it's a game I play. Mom says "Smile, Mary-Margaret!" and I do. I pose everly so beautifully, but the second she hits the button I laugh and turn my head. Until I get paid for this, the back of my head is what you get. Hmmmph! Paparazzi!!


Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Ha haaa... That is exactly what I do to my Mommy when she pulls out her camera. She does not even bother taking my picture with her phone anymore because it has like a 2 seconds delay which ruins the magic pose for her. So now, she is walking around with her regular camera and it goes off like a rifle on me...

Again I come asking you what is your trick in getting into markets like that? You are sooo clever :-) and sooo cool!

Loving youuu,
Neeko :-)

Charlie said...

You are ADORABLE Mary-Margaret and I know these things 'cause I'm a regular Doggie McDreamy! It's great that you get to go lots of places and do lots of things with your huMom.I'm glad that you write about it so other huMoms and Dads will read about it and take their dogs places too. I like writing too about the world from the ground up (we short guys have a unique perspective). LOL (Lots of Licks)Charlie (the Maltese)

Lisa said...

Where are you Mary-Margaret? I miss you!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Every time I ask my secretary (aka "Mom") to take dictation she just rolls her eyes and says "ugh!". I think she's overworked or something. Maybe this weekend, ok?

Love, MM