Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday - Back to Work!

I can't believe it. I was sooooo stressed out last night from being bored that I broke out in hives. I was twitching and itching, and then pacing and laying on the cold tile floor. Mom figured something was up so she sprayed me with some of that stuff like Bactine only it's for pups, and it has lidocaine in it and it made the itchies go away. I LOVE my mom. She's a very good care giver.

Remember I said I was making forts yesterday? Here's a picture of me emerging from my fort.

Somebody had already replaced the couch cushions so it wasn't quite as elaborate as it had been. Still...you get the idea.

At work today I was still feeling the need for closeness. It's a dog thing. We like our "dens", especially if we're having a weird day. I picked under Mom's desk behind her purse for my "den". (Will you PUT THAT !#$!@#!#$ camera away???)


It's always rough to get off your schedule even for one day. Tomorrow should be better. I will see Miss Cathleen. We were all set to go last Thursday and I was really looking forward to getting my feet and paws lotioned, and going for a walk with Miss Cathleen. We just got really into something and the time flew. About 15 minutes after we were supposed to be there, Cathleen called wondering if we'd forgotten something? Hmmmmmm? I glared at Mom and she apologized to me and to Cathleen. So we're going tomorrow. At 3:00PM. For sure. I'll make her write it down somewhere. Or I'll send her an email. That seems to work.

Have a happy "hump" day (That's the middle of the week day, Grandpa. People call it "hump" day because it's ....because....um.....it's in the middle?)



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Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Sorry you got the itchiness due to the change in your schedule.
It has to do with the fact that we are creatures of habit and when our routine changes, we get all bent out of shape.
In my case, I had my "evil twin" show up and get into an argument with my sister. I'm sooo happy we are back to normal...
Loving youuuu,
Neeko ♥