Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank DOG it's Friday!

We've been getting some emails about not posting for a while, and I KNOW my Grandpa misses me, too. It's just been busy, and hot, and busy know how it goes. Sometimes you have to pick one thing over the other and my mom picks "taking dictation from Mary-Margaret" as on the bottom of her list. So unfair.

Most commentable (I think that's a word) is that last week some of the checkers at my Albertson's got in trouble for being too friendly with me. That makes me sad, but truly it's my fault, too. We just got to be such good friends that we'd kiss and snuggle and get all crazy when we'd see each other, plus I wasn't wearing my little jacket that shows I'm working because it was starting to need some dry cleaning, and a couple of customers made a complaint. The checkers and my very VERY good friend, Janet at Customer Service, got talked to.

Nobody said anything to my or my mom, because technically it's not my fault that some folks find me adorable and pettable (is that a word?). But we don't like to be part of any commotion at all, so Mom talked to me before we went into the market. She put my jacket on me, and told me that we had to be very professional. I am not allowed to hop up and down when I see Betsy or Janet or Rosie. She asked me to please sit very quietly.

I was absolutely excellent in the market. Some kids came up to me and put their hands in my face and I just sniffed them and looked away. When we got to the check out counter, I looked straight forward all the time. I did NOT look for Janet or anyone. And when we went to get our Lotto ticket, Mom whispered to me: "Please, Mary-Margaret. Sit very quietly and be professional. We don't want to get anyone in trouble!". I did exactly as she asked, and I only once got up to look for Janet and then I remembered my instructions and I sat back down.

When we got to Janet's counter, I just sat very still and didn't move at all. Janet blew me quiet kisses and whispered, "I love you, Mary-Margaret!", but I didn't say a word. When Mom was all done I glanced over at Janet and blew her a kiss* and then we got helped out to our car.

Everyone was very impressed with me. I think they forgot that I was a highly trained professional, worthy of wearing the red vest with the caduceus on it. I felt very respected, like I used to be in the beginning when we'd go to market. It's really true that a well trained pup never forgets, and I didn't. All the way home I got complimented and praised. I am very puffed up right now and Mom couldn't be prouder.

I am MARY-MARGARET O'BRIEN, service dog and helper to all humans. I have earned my stars today....and my chicken, too!!


M. M. O'Brien, PhD**

* Pups blow kisses by looking at their recipient and thrusting their tongue out and pulling it back in, while winking at their target at the same time.

** PhD - Pretty Happy Dog.


Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Loved your new post ♥
As Christopher Robin would say to Pooh:
"You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥♥♥

elaine said...

We are sooooo proud of you Mary-Margaret. You are the ultimate professional. Even though your Mom told our Momma how well you did when they talked on the phone last night we hung on to every word in your blog. You are one special little girl and we love you.
auntie elaine, abbey mia, harper and piper

Lisa said...

I am proud of you too Mary-Margaret. I am not however proud of whoever complained about you and the customer service people who petted and were friendly with you. Some people are just grumpy and mean and are always looking for something to gripe about. I guess I feel sorry for them though, because that has to be an awful way to live. I love you both and your blogs always make my day.