Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chicken for Lunch!!

Mom and Shannon went to El Torito for lunch today and left MEEEEE in charge of the office. I felt a little miffed for a minute, but then I figured that I must be VERY important and highly thought of to have such a big responsibility. I didn't cry or bark or scratch or ANYTHING.

My professionalism was well rewarded. When Shannon came back she had a little box with her that had a piece of the absolutely most deee-lish-us chicken in it. Shannon had the 3-course special with salad, chicken fajitas, and freshly fried ice cream. Mom had tortilla soup, a chicken and sour-cream enchilada, a crispy shredded beef taco, and freshly deep fried ice cream. Deep fried ice cream is really yummy (I'm told) if it's fresh, but the soggy kind that's been sitting in the freezer for Dog knows how long gets a bit chewy and isn't so much fun to eat.

If I'm to be treated this well when they go to lunch, I might just volunteer my services more often.

Yummily yours,



Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

At the last Yorkie Rescue Convention I purchased a medium ladybug and daisey dress for a little girl dog but I recently recsued a boy Yorkie. May I exchange it for the largest ladybug little girl dress for a baby.

Please contact me at doriskennedy22@hotmail.com

elaine said...

Mary-Margaret, We left you a comment yesterday but it has not been approved yet. Did you receive it?