Sunday, July 04, 2010


The National Anthem sung as it was meant to be by Josh Groban. It even brought tears to MY eyes.

Mom is reading the third book in the "Twilight" series and is about half-way through "Eclipse" now. I'm catching up on my napping. Tonight we'll probably watch fireworks out our upstairs window like we do every year, although the trees are getting taller so we don't see as much as we used to.

The barbeque has become a refuge for unspeakable crawly things so grilling is out of the question. We don't even WANT to know what's living under the all-weather cover. As long as they stay there and out of our house, we'll leave them alone.

Have a really fun day, everyone! God Bless AMERICA!!!

I still have my red-white-blue bow in my hair to show my patriotic spirit. The bottom picture shows off my eyelashes. I work very hard on growing them out, only sometimes they might get accidently whacked off, still it's an ongoing project for me.

Independently yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS: Here's a picture of my very good friends from New York: Abbey Mia, Harper and Piper. I get to see them in August! YAYYYY!! That's Harper in the vest in front, and AbbeyMia and Piper in the dresses in the back.


Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

We just LOVE your posted video and YES! God Bless America!!!

Thank you for sharing the darling picture of Abbey Mia, Harper and Piper.
You look fabulous as usual♥

We got rained out of going to the park this afternoon :-( but my girlfriend Tuffy stopped by and we kissed and told each other Happy 4th of July!☻

Got to run, I think my Mommy is about to give us dinner.
Loving youuu ♥

Lacy said...

happy 4th MM...hope u enjoy it..ur friends are soo cute..

b safe,