Monday, July 05, 2010

Blah Day!

Some holiday! The festivities were yesterday, but everybody is off work today. Ho hum. So I knocked all the pillows off the couch and pushed them up against it. Then I made a fort under the end table, which is a round table with a cloth over it. I skootch underneath when no one is looking.

"Mary-Maaaaargaret! Where AAAAARE you?". (hehehehehe - I'm not telling) "Oh come ON...where'd you GO!?" (I'm still not telling!) I love to drive her crazy.

"Fine", she says. "Bye bye!", and she starts to walk upstairs. "Huh?" (I say), and I stick my nose out enough so I can see what's going on. Drat! She saw me. She starts to laugh and says I look like I'm wearing a "burkha". I know what that is. It's one of those long dresses and head scarves that they wear in the middle East. I shake off my "burkha" and come out of hiding.

We go upstairs, I get on the desk-top on my back, and have my belly scratched while Mom checks her email and her Facebook. BOR-ING!!

Tomorrow we go to work and things go back to normal. Neither one of us really likes to be home when we could be doing something productive, but it seems unpatriotic to wash windows on what should be a holiday.

At least we'll sleep better tonight. Somebody accidently set some stoopid fish game to be a screen saver last night and the goofy music kept waking us up. All night long.....yuck!

Happy day after!


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