Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Me and Joe Sr.

Here's one of my most favorite people: Joe Senior. Oh, yes! He and I go waaaay back. He came in today so my mom could notarize a signature for him. When he gets here he pretty much ignores everyone but me. He holds out his hands to me and I practically fall over myself leaping into his arms.

We sit down and I get belly rubs and back rubs. Mmmmm-mmmmm! I tell YOUUUU! I have the best job ever.

Oops...almost time to leave for Miss Cathleen's. I'll tell you more when I get home.



1 comment:

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Yes, indeed! You do have the coolest job ever...
Cannot wait to read about your date with Miss Cathleen.

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥