Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Squirrel = 1; Cailin = 0 (Referee = MMOB)

Yesterday afternoon when we got home from Target, after we put the groceries away (I supervised), Cailin took me for a before-dinner walk. We go out our back slider and go west across our back yard and then north toward the street. About half-way down our side yard (which is a grassy slope) there's a retaining "wall" made out of boulders and rocks. I'm intrigued. There always sounds like there's a party going on in there and I would like to see what's happening.

We get closer to the rocks and I hear a little scream. Aaaack. There's a baby squirrel in the grass and Cailin accidently stepped on him. I try to talk to the little thing and it's pretty darn mad. As it's telling me exactly how it feels about the situation, Cailin thinks I'm in danger and tries to shoo the squirrel away. The squirrel is highly offended at her gesture and, instead of backing off like a good squirrel, it charges at me.

What the heck? (I say) I back up a bit and Cailin waves her hand at it again for it to back up and leave ME alone. That did it for the squirrel. It said "You are NOT the boss of me!" and nipped Cailin on the pointer finger. "YOW!", she said and we walked quickly back to the house.

We got my mom (Cailin's grandma) and went back to see if the squirrel was still there but it was gone. Then my mom starts trying to find an Urgent Care around here and I guess people don't get hurt a whole lot in this county, or if they do they can take a 30 mile drive to Reading for treatment. Then my mom calls Cailin's mom, my Auntie "C", and she calls Cailin's "primary care provider". Remember when they used to be called "doctors"?? Anyway, he says to wash it really good with soap and water, and put a band-aid on it. Mom added some Neo-sporin, too. He says to watch it for redness or swelling for the next couple of days.

By bedtime last night it had stopped hurting and Cailin even sort of forgot about her brief encounter with nature. On the bright side, I suppose we should be grateful that it was only a small squirrel and not the bear that Matt saw in his yard a few days ago.

Today I'm staying home by myself for a few hours while Mom and Cailin go down into a coal mine in Ashland, PA. I was hoping I might go but some places are definitely not for me. Doesn't this look fun?

Later, gator!

Love ya...



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