Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, C&C!!

This is ME and my cousin, Cailin, laughing and singing camp songs while driving along in Pennsylvania. We sure had a good time.

Pennsylvania people are so nice and we never saw any graffiti. The land is green and there are lots of lakes and rivers. Just make sure you don't step on any chipmunks or squirrels while you're there. They have a pretty powerful union and word gets out fast. The day we left there was a whole battalion of chipmunks on our back step. I think they were organizing a protest march. See AFL-CIO (American Furbabies League - Chipmunk Interstate Operations)

Today is Cailin and Clancy's 13th birthday. Hard to believe, huh? In dog years, that makes them....just a sec...[hmmmm...13 times 7, press the "=" sign and...aha..there it is!)....that makes them ...WOW! NINETY-ONE in DOG YEARS!!! That's really OLD!!

Happy Birthday!!



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Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous ♥

Happy Birthday to your beautiful cousin!
BTW I heard that we are not using anymore the old calculation to convert our age... I think it is half that number now :o)
What do you think???

Got to run, I'm going to visit with my Nana and her boy Danny G.
~ Coming Mommy! Stop yelling... Ugh! Humans...

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥