Monday, August 30, 2010

"Qoccle's DimmiDiSi's Isabella Meant to Be"

This is my new BFF and future sister in law, but I just call her "Isabella" or "Your Highness". She is a princess for real, you know. Her father is a Multi-International champion of professional Yorkiedom. He wins all the prizes in Europe. She was born in Italy and then was adopted by my future mother in law, Connie. That's Cailin holding Isabella.

This is Princess Isabella's father. Isn't he absolutely the most regal looking Yorkie you've ever seen? So handsome. If I weren't already in a committed relationship, I'd......oh, never mind. Hashi is my heart forever.

Hashi's brother and sister, Rhett and Scarlett, both passed away very suddenly this year. Scarlett got sick and died on February 2nd, and Rhett died 65 days after Scarlett on April 6 and Scarlett's birthday was April 11th, and Isabella was born on 3/6/10, 30 days before Rhett this made her "Meant to Be". See the connection? I hope I have it down right, and if not that Hashi will let me know, but isn't it amazing how some things are just "meant to be"??

Yup! And I just LOVE her.

Happy Monday!



Heartprints Pets said...

Isabella's father sure is indeed regal. Isabella is beautiful too. I'm so sorry about Rhett and Scarlett, but yes, I do agree that Isabella was meant to be. :)

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome back. It sure sounds like you had an awesome trip.
Wow! Isabella is a Princess indeed...

Hey check out my bloggie! During your absence, I made lots of new friends thanks to Mr. Pip and Those Elgin Pugs. We had an awesome get together too :o)

Loving youuu,
Neeko <3

Анна said...

very beautiful dog))))))))))))))!!!!!!