Monday, September 06, 2010

Lazy Days of Loafing!

Dear pictures today. We didn't DO anything, which was actually ok with me. Mom's computer crashed totally, so she said a few "magic" words and then spent the next 3 hours doing a full system recovery. I don't know which worked better...the magic words or the fact that she had another old lap top here that she managed to get on the internet with, and she found out that her lenovo (brand name, little "l" at the beginning) had a full system recovery option. Once she figured out which key was the "lenovo care" key, it only took maybe another hour to reinstall windows.

Hint: If your screen ever comes up completely black, your computer has bit the dust and if you don't have a lenovo (or a recovery disk) you're in big trouble.

Sooo...then she spent the NEXT three hours cleaning the hard drive and defragging her Toshiba. So now both she and Cailin are sitting across the kitchen counter from each other, both working on their respective computers and not talking to ME. The nerve!

I'm going to go into the living room and grab the remote control and see what I get. I sort of like "Bachelor Pad" for some goofy reason.

Thinking of you...



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