Thursday, September 09, 2010

First Class - The ONLY Way to Fly!

Ahhhh....! Room to stretch out. Freshly baked chicken breast. My own bowl of water. What more could a pup ask for??

There was another pup on the flight named "Yaeger". He was a reddish brown dachshund who, I was told, was a seasoned flyer. Let me tell you, he whined, cried and howled for the first maybe 1/2 hour on the plane and we hadn't even left the ground yet. I was trying to nap but finally I got up on Mom's lap and kept looking over to where he was. Truly, I wanted to go talk to him and explain all about flying, but I don't think the flight attendants would have let me.

He finally stopped crying when his mom picked him up. He was happy just looking out the window for a couple of hours. He got a glass of water (his nose was long and pointy) and he stuck his whole schnozz into it. I was able to send him some comfort from where I sat and I think he probably felt sort of embarassed by his lack of....shall we say....manners? So he was good for the rest of the flight.

Meanwhile, all the attendants kept telling me what a good girl I was and how they wished all the pups (and kids) were as well behaved as I was. What can I say? I've been through this so many times I know all about flying and flight etiquette.

My favorite part of the flight was snuggling with Cailin under the blankets and taking a snooze.

We're home now, and I'm sure glad to be. I ran outside last night about 10:30PM and told all my neighbors that "Mary-Margaret is BAAA-AAAACK!!"

Love you,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Lisa said...

So glad you and your mom had a nice trip. What a world traveler you are Mary-Margaret!

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous :o)

Wow! First class. You are such a Glamor Girl...

Happy you had a great trip and you are home safe.

Loving youuu,
Neeko :o)