Friday, September 17, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Last week, my Auntie Lynda (the one that calls me her "PooPoo LaLa") invited me out to lunch for today to celebrate my birthday which is actually on Sunday. I'll be five years old but most people think I don't look a day over three. (It pays to take care of your complexion!) So I went to Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa in Temecula and got the works. See?

We meet Lynda at Baily's in Old Town at 1:00PM. I know this place. My wrap party was here a couple of years ago. I am everly so stoked. I already know what I want. Cheeeeeeeeseburger!!!

Uh...hello? It's MY birthday lunch....MY day! And I don't even get a menu. Auntie Lynda and Mom get me all excited and for what, I ask? Hmmmmmm??? I was told to get "down" (which I did, of course! I'm a good puppy!) and then I was pretty much ignored the whole lunch hour. Oh, sure. Natalie (our server) brought me a very nice silver bowl of water which I did enjoy, actually. But do you think the ladies would share their sandwiches with me? Not a chance! And they shared Creme Brulee with each other but not me. I am officially MIFFED!!

I don't forget these little personal slights easily. Meanwhile, I'm sure Mom's planning something special for my big day. We did agree on no cake this year. Honestly, neither one of us need the extra calories. But maybe she'll make steak on Sunday night for us? That would make me happy. I could forgive almost anything for steak!

Love you, Grandpa!!

Your "grand dogger", Mary-Margaret

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Margaret Mary! I'm sorry you didn't get your cheeseburger. I'm sure your mom gave you a treat at some point on your birthday though. Missed you last week, but I know you had just got home from your vacation.
Have a great week!