Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mary-Margaret, Super Model!!

I got a box in the mail today. Mom tossed it on the floor and said "It's for YOU, Mary-Margaret!". I started working on it but wore myself out. It was wrapped really good. Shannon helped me open it. She's really thoughtful that way. OhMYGAWSH! MaryElizabeth and Corinne sent me a CHRISTMAS DRESS! For me? (I said), and Mom read the note. Yup! It's for me, and all I have to do is model it for the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Angel Boutique. Is that all? Well, heck. I can do that.

Mom scooped me up and took our my yellow hair ribbon, reason being that it didn't match my dress. Between you and me, I didn't mind that the hair ribbon came out. Then she got me all dressed up and we went downstairs to the "Old Towne Mercantile Christmas Shoppe". It's gorgeous and full of Christmas stuff. I felt like a fairy princess. At first I was put on the glass counter and told to "smile". A group quickly gathered around me and started taking my picture before Mom even got her camera ready. Gosh...I seem to be drawing a crowd.

Debbie, the owner of the shop, suggested that I sit on one of her chairs. She found a really nice little antique looking thing with a Christmassy looking seat.

After a few shots that I moved around in, we got some decent photos to send back to MaryElizabeth and Corinne for the October issue of "The Yorkie Times". I really like this modeling thing. Mom says I'm a born "ham"!

Good night for now, dahlinks. I am having a late supper tonight and it's getting sort of dark out already.



PS - See my red petticoats? I just LOVE petticoats.


Lisa said...

You look amazing in your Christmas Dress Mary-Margaret. You should be a professional model you're so photogenic. Maybe there should be an "America's Next Top Pooch Model" show. Tyra Barks could be the spokes person.
Have a great day you two!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Very Very BeauTeefulls Indeed!!!

Love yous dress Mary-Margaret!!

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous ♥

OMG! You look Pawsome!!!
I wish my Sis would agree to wear such beautiful dresses.
Wow! I'm barkless...
Can I swipe some of these pictures for my bloggie???

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥♥♥

road-dog-tales said...

You look ready for the starring role in the Christmas Pageant! Just adorable!
The Road Dogs

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful MM!

Auntie Allie in Kona

Sausha said...

Mary-Margaret, love your gorgeous dress!
I just finished blogging about my pretty dress from MaryElizabeth and Corrine. My post was not as detailed as yours.
I need to take lessons. But I did put in a nice picture.
Mary-Margaret, I am curious still, why am I not listed as one your "very good friends?"
Also, we are allowing ads in our blog for now.... but not sure we like it.
Have fun! I do love your dress.

elaine said...

Hi Mary-Margaret,
We received a box addressed to the three of us from Corrine and MaryElizabeth, too. There was a Christmas outfit for each of us. Momma is going to take our picture this week to send to MaryElizabeth for the Yorkie Times. We will send you pictures, too. Isn't it fun to model for such a worthy organization?
abbey mia, harper and piper