Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom's Dentist Visit

Dear Grandpa - I got left home again while Mom went to the dentist. I was miffed and I told her so, too! But this is about her dentist appointment and not about me.

To anybody else who's reading this, my mom is explaining to her dad (who is almost 90 and doesn't hear well and doesn't do emails but he can click on the icon to my blog on his desk top) that she has an achy jaw tonight. The dentist was drilling out her old broken tooth for her new crown and he kept saying "Do you feel that?" to her. She said she didn't and wasn't that a good thing? "No", he said. "It means you have a dead nerve!".

"And is that a bad thing?", she asked, all happy to NOT be feeling anything!

"Yes!", he replied, and said that if she didn't get a root canal done her jaw would be all swollen and really sore tomorrow. Tsk...what's a mother to do, I ask? So she got a root canal, one filling (I think), and half her mouth "deep scaled". Next Monday, they finish the job.

Something to look forward to, huh? Good thing she has credit cards, huh?

Good thing I brush regularly and see my Dr. Dan, the Doggie Hygienist for my yearly cleaning.

"You're never fully dressed without a SMILE!!!"

Love and kisses...


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