Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Stink" is such a smelly word!

I am always so happy to get to work. I race down the hall to our door and either Shannon opens it for me or Mom does when she gets there. My very first duty of the day is to say "Hello!" to Shannon. She picks me up and....ohmygawsh! She holds me away and says " STINK!".

I'm ... speechless. This is so not like her. Usually she's pretty polite, but this is April Fool's Day, so I think maybe she's kidding. I move back in to give her a kiss and she says "You NEED a bath!". My tongue was halfway out my mouth to kiss her and I pulled it right back in and bared my teeth, ever so slightly. I am wounded to the core.

She sort of looks like she might apologize but I'm already wriggling to get down and get away. I will go where I am loved. I don't need this from my co-worker. Nope!

Mom pretty much sticks up for me, pointing out to Shannon that I am obviously not pleased. I've never curled my lip at her before, but today sure called for it. I told her, quite verbally, how I felt. I even sat by the door and told her I had to go O-U-T. When we got downstairs, though, all I did was sit in the flower patch and visit with old people. HAH! That'll teach her. OK..maybe I did one tiny piddle, but mostly I just wanted to get even.

Miss Marilyn, my personal stylist called Mom this afternoon to remind her of my appointment tomorrow morning. Maybe I really do "stink"? Although I probably would have been a bit more polite about it. "Stink" is such a rude word. I prefer "fragramatic" or "odoricious", don't you?


Mary-Margaret "The Little Stinker" O'Brien

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elaine said...

We don't like the word "stink" either, M-M. If a child said that to a person they would be told they were very rude. Same rules should apply.
We can't imagine you smelling anything but nice.
abbey mia, harper and piper (who really is a little stinker - but she does not stink)