Monday, April 26, 2010

My Visit to the "Dogtor"

Booor-ring! Nothing to read. Already I've been waiting 15 minutes

This girl wanted to be friends but truly, I wasn't in the mood. As soon as she shoved her schnozz in my face, I let her know that Mary-Margaret was NOT to be toyed with (or chewed on). I might have hurt her feelings, but sheesh! She weighs about 20 times as much as I do. She's an English Mastiff and her name is Lilly.

Finally...we get called to the examining room. I'm poked (temperature 100.8° = normal), weighed (10.1# again...I knew I should have visited the powder room first) and prodded. "The doctor will be with you in a few minutes!", I'm told.

(tick tock)


(not even Muzak in here!)

Finally....twenty minutes later in comes Dr. Bach. She takes me "in back" to give me my shot, take some blood for heartworm test, and do a "fecal". Whateverrrrr! All I want is to get out of there and go to work.

Our "appointment" was at 9:40AM and we were there spot on. We didn't get seen by "dogtor" until 10:20AM. There's something wrong with this system. I have to take time off from work to be here, you know. I deserve a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I think.



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elaine said...

We hope the doc apologized for having to wait so long.
abbey mia, harper and piper