Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Rotten Apple....

One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel, I've heard. There have been a few "process servers" lately that are pretty rotten. Those "bad apples" draw attention to the industry as a whole even though the bad ones are few and far between.

New York State is cracking down on those who take America's Constitutional right to "due process" lightly. See
this article from "Collections & Credit Risk" about the second process serving company to be shut down. The first was American Legal Process (ALP), also out of New York.

My company, RASCAL (which stands for Rancho Attorney Service of California), has been in business for over 33 years. We follow the laws to the letter and have never had a service "go South". Our rates are competitive and our servers are honest, reliable and credible. There is always going to be someone who charges a few dollars less, but do they have the education, the licenses, and the character that you might rely on down the road if your subject contests service? Will you ever even be able to find that server?

We follow all State and Federal laws and regulations, but first and foremost, we follow The Golden Rule and treat our clients they way we would like to be treated. As strict believers in "Murphy's Law" ("Whatever can happen, WILL happen!"), we'll also back up our services 100% all the time.

We are here to SERVE!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Chief Public Relations Officer
PS - That photo has nothing to do with rotten apples, but with what a process serving puppy with a clear conscience does when they get home from work: FROLIC and LOOK FOR KITTIES!! Can you find me? Hmmmm???

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