Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Sherman Tank to Supermodel...

Measurements as of today are 16.5"-16"-13.25"-14" ! Woo hoo! My diet is paying off FINALLY!! Watch out, Kirstie Barkley...Valerie Barkinelli....Marie Pawsmond!! I'm even getting compliments from my friends and associates, and best of all? Mom isn't suffering from back aches after carrying me for any length of time.

I was a perfect 17-17-14-14 (that would be chest-tummy-hips-and length from my collar to my tail) back on January 2, 2010, and now I've lost a total of 2.25" from chest-tummy-hips. I'm not any shorter but I didn't expect to be.

I made my New Year's resolution and on January 2nd, 2010 I started my diet. Instead of Eagle Pack Holistic Duck kibble, I'm getting CORE Wellness (reduced-fat formula) for adult dogs. It's pawsitively YUMMY.

We'll be going to my dogtor's to see just how much I weigh pretty soon, but I was so excited I just HAD to tell you.

(Mom's lost about 10 pounds, too, but ...shhhhh!'s just the beginning for her! Not all so noticeable yet!)

From the fashion district of New Yorkie....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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