Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Young Pup's Fancy!

(My mother discovered a spotlight in her new Droid which is why I look so silver. Is there NOTHING her new phone can't do? This is me in my car seat feeling sorry for myself, pouting, and not wanting to get out of the car tonight. Reason noted below!)

The day started out ok. My heart was happy and I was singing to myself. "It's Spring! It's Spring!" And I am slender and have a waistline and I am feeling everly so beautiful.

However.....It's about Mom. She's not speaking to ME at the moment. I just happened to notice a really handsome blonde Sheltie in the parking lot and, not being on a leash because I am so very good all the time except tonight, I ran after the Sheltie. Mom hollered and used the usual "STOP" and "YOU GET BACK HERE" and stuff, but I kept on. Aunt Connie knows how I am when I want to go somewhere. Remember me on my bridge running away into the forest? Remember?

Anyway...the Sheltie's dad corralled me. I have never been corralled in my whole life. It was humiliating. And Mom thwacked me on my right hind quarter. And then....oh gosh....she GLARED at me. And it's been like that ever since, even in the supermarket. I said "Sorry!" and I kissed her hand. And I was of the most excellent demeanor in the market but she's still glaring at me.

So any help you could give me would be much appreciated.

PS: A lady in the market told her to "water bottle" me. Isn't that illegal? Or is that "water boarding"? Anyway, for her to get a squirt bottle and spray me when I'm....er...let's say "doing things my way", ok? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Love, Mary-Margaret (from her corner sitting on the stool facing the wall)


DTWP said...

Oh dear Mary-M, I really don't like getting in trouble either, when Mom gives me that look it makes me feel terrible but we don't mean to be naughty do we ? We just get a little carried away sometimes. Try not to worry your Mom will forgive you it was only because she was worried for you.

Take care
Doogie The Wonder Pup x

Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea said...

Oh Mary Margaret, you really must discourage the water bottle!!! It is quite awful!! My Auntie uses it and it is sooooooo bad that Mommy has forbidden her to use it on us. We don't know all the rules at her house, we just know our rules.

Sometimes us Yorkettes get a little self-willed and do our own thing, but we ARE Divas!! You have to be careful when you are doing your own thing and always watch for traffic.

I feel your pain, I really do!

Baby Sweet Pea