Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mom's Day at Salon Butterfly

Here's me a couple of days after my trip to MY stylist. Notice I am wearing a bow? For Easter, I got pink and yellow. See how neat I kept myself just for this holiday?

Here's Delaney greeting me at the Salon. We have become very good friends. She always says "Hello, Mary-Margaret!!" and gives me some pets and belly rubs. Here she is saying how much she missed me and asking me if I'd like anything. Of course, I say, "Why THANK you! I'd just love some water, if you please!". When one is polite, it's very easy to get what one wants.

Here's Miss Delaney with my very special only-for-Mary-Margaret bowl, which is really a giant blue coffee cup. I am honored that Salon Butterfly cares enough for me to see that I am treated well, and with respect. Mom just gets a glass with a straw in it.

I am visiting with whoever happens by. If you didn't already know it, I make friends very easily. Yesterday at the Von' took Mom forever to get me out of there. I know absolutely everyone, and some of my friends from other places met up with me there, too. Like Mary-Ann-from-down-the-hall, except she's got a new job in Vista so she's not "Down-the-Hall" anymore. My gosh, we just fell all over each other. And then, in the parking lot, I saw my Aunt Margie and I practically LEAPED onto her shoulder. I bet she didn't know I was such a good leaper, but I am, and I just loved and kissed her face all over. She's not much on dog kisses, but I don't let that stop me. :o)

Here I am just before hunkering down for my nap. It's been a great day. Good friends, good water....just good fun!!

It's great to be me!!

PS: Note the bow is gone? I managed to rub it out of my hair this afternoon. Whew! Those rubber bands get pretty uncomfortable after a couple of days.



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