Friday, April 02, 2010

Puppy Day Spa!

Hello, Mom! Like my new pink and yellow bow? Hmmmmm? Perfect for Easter, dontcha think?

This is my very good friend, Madison. She always hangs out with me at Miss Marilyn's. Did I mention she lives with Miss Marilyn, too?

Madison is my BFFF (BFFF means "Best Female Friend FOREVER, Grandpapa!) We always hang out together and tease the boys. We have other girl friends, too. Like Billie who came today. This is a picture of her just out of the tub. I think she likes being photographed.

This is Billie.

Charlie was there, too. We all giggled about his new hair-do. He's a Maltese and usually he has really long hair but today? Poof! He's everly so different with no hair. We teased him probably more than we should have, but Charlie is a good sport. Chelsea, another Maltese who hadn't been styled yet, tried to make him feel better. Just wait until she gets her summer cut.

Seriously, though. We ALL feel better without all that hair to trip over. Thank goodness for people like Miss Marilyn at Prime Cuts in Temecula. She's the best personal stylist anyone could ask for. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE having play dates with my friends. That's the best part of going to my day spa - hanging out with my crew.



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H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

You do look very cute with that bow!