Saturday, January 09, 2010

Same-O, Same-O

New Year, Old Stuff! Worked hard all week, meeting and greeting clients. I LOVE my job. I get so many belly rubs and cuddles, forget my pay check (just kidding). This is absolutely HEAVEN.

Yesterday, I went to Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa (which is really called "Prime Cuts", but that sounds like a butcher shop, so my mom calls it....oh, you got the idea?!). Miss Marilyn does me up good, bubble bath - massage - pawdicure. The whole thing. Then I get snacks and a play date with whoever else is there. Always with my BFF, Madison, who looks a lot like me except she only weighs five pounds, which is about half of what I weigh.

Speaking of weight, I REALLY have to go on a diet. My clothes don't fit and...(oh gosh, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but....) the other day one of my clients asked me if I was PREGNANT. Ohhhh, the embarassment of it all. I just about rolled over and...well, actually I DID roll over, but for belly rubs. Still, it was mortifying. Me? Pregnant? As if....! I am a professional career puppy and not interested in raising a family. I have my business to take care of. Yup!! I am a single working bitch and you better not forget it. (Hold on..Mom's scowling at me. What language? That's what a girl dog is called in my world! It's NOT a bad word.)

Anyway. There you have it. My humiliation. I was feeling a little sorry for myself so Mom ordered me a new winter coat from Yvonne in pink fleece with a sherpa lining.
I'm really excited. It's actually kind of cold here in Southern California. I can use it.

If you like it, you could order one from Yvonne. See her website Yvonne's Yorkies . I didn't see this jacket on there but it's one of her newer designs. She even makes gowns for those "after five" parties if you're into that. Personally, I'd be happier in a baseball jersey, but that's just me. Or sweats. Or nothing.

Today we're just hanging out balancing check books and maybe running errands later. Dunno...don't care. I'm easy and portable.

That's it for today, Dear Diary.

Love and licks..


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elaine said...

Dear M-M,
Guess what, our momma is ordering the same vests for us from Yvonne, too. The next time we get together we can all wear our vests and it will only be obvious which one is Harper, since we are assuming you will get a pink one like Abbey Mia and I are getting. Since we are the same size I bet our mommas will mix us up. Such fun - it will be like being twins.