Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Not many pups actually make resolutions, do they? But there wasn't much else to do today except to take stock of my existence.

First off, being somewhat tired of being called "chunky" or having it observed that I enjoy my meals, I've decided to cut back on the calories. Dieting is always everyone's first resolution, and I'm no different. It's getting a bit uncomfortable to wear clothes, and my waistband extender that my Auntie Yvonne sent me for my Navy blue sailor dress has....shall we say....been overextended to the max?

Secondly, I plan on saving my money. I usually find coins in the parking lot, or under the take out windows in drive-throughs. Once I found a whole dollar bill in outside of Carrows. Sometimes my friends send me money, too (Thank you Auntie Dee and Shadow), so I now technically have about $23.00 in my piggy bank if I call in my IOU's, that is.

Thirdly, to try to appreciate my fambly more, especially my GrandPapa. I do love him everly so much and I only get to see him maybe once a month. I am going to make those visits really special. Yup. I want him to know how much he means to me. He's about 12 1/2 in dog years, you know. I suppose I should show my Mom that I appreciate her, too, but I do so enjoy yanking her chain.

Tonight she thought I was outside and made a big deal over trying to get me to come inside. She called...she walked outside on the cold concrete patio in her bare feet...she looked on both sides of the house. I know this because I was sitting on the landing of the stairway watching her, just shaking my head in wonder. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE ME??? But I sense a possibility here, so I hunker down really flat like a lion stalking game in the jungle. I forgot to lower my ears though, so she says "AHA...I SEE YOU!". Rats (I said) and raced down the stairs to hide behind one of her silk plants by the window. When she looked again, I was gone and she got all worried that maybe she hadn't seen me at all and so she started hunting outside again.

I probably should treat her a little better, too. Oh...but it's SOOOO much FUN, you know?

So there's three good resolutions. I'll let you know how I do. She wanted to measure me around the waist and tell you my "girth". Indeed! Only if she will do the same which is not likely.

Happy New Year!!



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