Friday, January 22, 2010

Bear needs our help!

Bear (pictured here in his Christmas photo with his sister) is eleven months old and has some serious medical problems. He needs our help. We donate my allowance and any money I find on the ground to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. This week we donated to "GinGin". You know I never ask you for anything, but this time....well, it's different.

Please read about Baby Bear and, if you find it in your heart to help, send whatever you can to help in off setting the cost of his treatment.

The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue is to us Yorks like the Mayo Clinic is to you humans, or St. Jude's is to children. They treat everyone regardless of their ability to pay, and they rely almost completely on your kind donations.

Please help?

Thank you in advance....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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