Monday, January 25, 2010

Mary-Margaret - "Biker Babe"

"Little Joe"* came by our office today in his leathers. I was impressed. Leather always makes my heart flutter. I gave him lots of loves and snuggles. When he left he said I could go see his bike.

WOW!!! (I said). It's big, shiny, black and has an extra seat for MEEEEEEE! Mom and "Little Joe" even let me sit on it. Shannon took my picture, too. MaryAnne who used to be down the hall drove by and saw me on the bike. She was pretty impressed, I tell you.

Uh oh. "Little Joe" says he can't take me riding unless I have a helmet. Me? Well, I'm told they make them for little pups.....let me check my Piggy Bank and see if I have enough. Kewl. They cost maybe from $25 on up.

This is what a dog in a helmet looks like. This picture was the same on lots of different sites so it's probably ok to put it up here. I figure I could maybe find one on eBay?

There's something about a 2009 Harley Davidson Heritage that makes me swoon.


Oh, my heart be still!


*Note - "Little Joe" is "Big Joe's" son. Big Joe and Little Joe work with us to make our clients happy. They are a really good team!!

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Ozzie said...

Dear Mary Margaret,
My dad has a Harley Motorcycle too, and I have a Harley T-shirt. It's my favorite. I've been told that I look pretty kewl and handsome in it.
Ozzie the Yorkie