Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Novel Idea

I don't read things the way most people do. Words don't mean much to me for the most part, excluding things like "dinner", "walk", "out?" and "bed time". What I DO read are smells. And someone pawsitively wrote a novel on our elevator floor.

The first time I found it I was everly so intrigued. Our elevator is maybe 4x4 feet so it's equivalent to a paperback maybe. I started at one side and snorfled over to the other, then back again and again, until I had most of it covered. Then we hit the first floor and Mom said to "Come here, Mary-Margaret!". (sigh)

I thought about it for a half-second and decided to finish the last chapter. The doors closed and I kept on "reading". I hear this "Mary-Margaret? Where ARE you?" faintly from the outside. I didn't worry much though, figuring she'd sort it all out. Then the doors open and she's standing there glaring at me. "Get OUTTA there!", she snarls. So I do.

What a waste of my time and energy. No mail in the boxes yet and we have to go back upstairs anyway. I hop back in the elevator and start about mid-way (I couldn't remember where I left off), and got almost done again when we hit the third floor. This time I am picked up and carried. Some people have no respect for us pups and our epic novels.

Lucky me! Several trips downstairs let me finish my "reading", and finally the mail came. We had a new carrier with "puppy shoes". He has two Chihuahuas and his shoes were fragrant with their scent. He visited with me a bit. I told him to tell his pups "Hi" from Mary-Margaret.

That's it for Tuesday.

As one of our clients always says: "Take care and be well!"

Love, Mary-Margaret

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elaine said...

Hey Mary-Margaret,
This must be a chihuahua week. On Saturday our momma is going to help get a chihuahua get to her forever home by driving her on one leg of her journey to Long Island. She is driving from Rochester to Syracuse. After she send the puppy on her way, she is going to meet with the NYS Director of YTNR. That should be fun.
Say hi to you mom and tell her that it is not nice to interrupt someone who is reading.
love and kisses,
abbey mia, harper and piper