Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steamed Maine Lobster!

Me and Mom went to lunch with one of her old high school friends today. Er...well, I don't mean OLD-old. I mean...they'be been friends for maybe 50 years or so. Um...well, Diane is about 9.5 in dog years. So technically... I... probably better shut up before I get in trouble, huh? Ladies! They're so funny about age.

Anyway...back to the menu. The Enterprise Fish Company had a Maine lobster special. Now, I know I'm supposed to act indifferent to people food, and just hunker down into my little carrier and keep my yap shut. But if you've ever smelled Maine lobster, you know that's pretty hard to do.

Ahhhh! Finally some attention. And yes, I am NOT allergic to sea food (like Mom tried to tell me) and I DO everly so love lobster (as I tried to tell Mom). This is a good day for this puppy. YUMMY!!


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