Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elevator Excitement!!!

I got to ride the ELEVATOR all by myself today. Woo hoo! What fun that was! Here's how it happened.

Me and Mom (my boss) were going downstairs to see if the mail arrived. We pushed the button for the elevator on the third floor where our office is. While we were waiting, one of our clients (who is also on the third floor) started talking to Mom about business. While they were yakking, the elevator door opened and I hopped in. Next thing I know the doors are closing, I'm going down, and Mom's yelling "Come back! Come back!". (Hello? I can't stop this thing by myself?)

Meanwhile, I'm riding downstairs all alone thinking I'm pretty kewl stuff. Mom starts running down the stairs and by the time she gets to the second floor, the people that called the elevator down had already sent me back up to the third floor. I tell youuuuuuuuu...it pays to know everyone in the building!!

I dashed off the elevator and, when I didn't see my mom, went over to the stairway and said, "Here I am!". I raced down the stairs to meet her. "Very funny!", she says. "Did you have a good time"?

Hoo...yeah! I sure did. I've been wanting to do that for the longest time but I can't reach the buttons. Now I know if I wait long enough, someone will do it for me. I am so totally stoked.


Love, Mary-Margaret


Turbo the Sibe said...

M hyphen M space O apostrophy B!

You are the coolest!


Lisa said...

Dear Mary Margaret,
You have such a great sense of adventure! You may give your mom a heart attack one day, but you also keep her life interesting

MJ's doghouse said...

oh mary margaret...that sounds like so much fun...you are very very brave...i would have cried...the whole time...and for about another hour after i found my mom...