Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays!

Good thing it's a holiday today. It raining REALLY hard now. Thank goodness for piddle pads on a day like this. Earlier, I was just standing there at the door waiting to go out and not paying much attention to anything except the status of the door and whether it was open or closed when my Mom says "Oh? You have to go out?".

Well, gosh. Of COURSE I do. How else am I supposed to patrol for cats, I ask? So she says (with a snicker, of course!) "OK...Go on out!". (snigger snark giggle!)

"AAAAAACK", I say, as I dash back inside. Well, thank goodness my fur doesn't shrink or I'd be in trouble. I am saturated. My feet are wet, my tail is wet. I am one very soggy puppy. And a cold one, too.

"Verrrrry funny!", I said, as I hopped into her lap. "Let's see how YOU like it, hummmmmm?". I dried my feet on her lap.

"Eeeeeeyewwwwwww", she says, "YOUR FEET ARE WET!" (and she soon discovers there's not a dry spot on me. Mind you, I was only out there for seconds!).

"HAH", I think to myself. I'll bet that's the last time she laughs at MY expense. The next time I'll bet she warns me first.

I hope you all have umbrellas, rain coats and tarps.

Today is a very good day for Facebook and playing Bejeweled. I am VERY competitive, you know. Mom's about 25,000 points ahead of me but I WILL prevail!!



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Ozzie & Lisa said...

Dear Mary Margaret,
I just hate getting my feet wet so much that I walk on just my front two feet for as many steps as I can as soon as I hit the ground. I've found that using the covered front porch works well for rainy and snowy days.
You're admirer,
Ozzie the Yorkie