Saturday, January 24, 2009

Siesta Day!

Here's what I did mostly today. Yup. I practice at the office during the week and I've got it down pretty well.

We were in our office at home. I was snoozing. Mom was messing around with the computer. She happened to glance over at her cartridge of correction tape and noticed something moving inside. Huh? (she thinks) And she looks closer. It's a little white spider. I guess if I wanted to be technically correct, I'd say it was an ecru spider, about maybe 1/4" in diameter including legs.

She shook the little cartridge and the spider fell out. As it was getting used to the idea of not being confined and was stretching it's little legs a bit, Mom squished it into smithereens. We have maybe 3 legs left that we have to sweep up still. Little legs they are, too.

The cartridge is a Tombow mono correction tape 4mm x 10 m and was made in Thailand. We're trying to figure out if the spider came from Thailand inside the cartridge, or if it's a local Southern California spider that had the misfortune of wandering onto our desk and into the tape thingy. One of life's little mysteries that will probably never be solved.

'Scuse me. Back to napping, and I'll catch you later.



PS - Did you notice I went to my stylist, Miss Marilyn, yesterday? Yup. Sort of a pinkish-purplish bow. One of my favorites.


MJ's doghouse said...

I do love your new do mary margaret...and the bow is to die are one stylish little lass

Samantha: said...

And you look so cuuute! We want to be new friends! And I have an award for you! Come to my blog!