Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to teaching again!

One of our new clients was babysitting his son's new pup, "Coco". She is 3/4 Chow and 1/4 Akita or Shar Pei or something. You'll see how cute she is in the next picture. And she's kind of shy. That's our client trying to get her to come out an play with me.

Our client gave up, but I didn't. I even brought Coco toys and tried to share with her. She came out from under the desk everly so slowly, but still...finally, I got her out. I was just so patient and kind. Our client even told Mom that he never met a pup who wanted to share her toys before. I find that hard to believe. Isn't sharing something you do with friends just naturally?

She's pretty much a Grandpa's girl, though. A lot like me, I guess. I'm a "Grandpa's Girl", too. She's going to be pretty big. Already she's bigger than me, and she was only born seven weeks ago. I am almost 3 1/2 years old. She was a very good girl today, and now she calls me "Ma'am". I think I like that almost as much as "Miss O'Brien". I do so love being back in the classroom again.


Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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