Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catchin' up!

Mom was busy catchin' up on stuff. Finally, she had a day where she could think herself hear. Or is it hear herself think? Either way, she kept herself busy and I visited a lot.

We had people in for a notary and I made really good friends with the man. He gave me lots of belly rubs and snuggles. A couple of ladies came in with papers for us to serve and I got even more back rubs than I ever could have hoped for.

At the end of the day, my Auntie Linda (the one who calls me PooPoo-LaLa) came by to visit me (not Mom), and then my very good friend, Robert (the handyman) came to see me, too.

When we left the building we ran into Debbie from downstairs. She and her hubby have a hobby shop and they specialize in old train sets, like Lionel and American Flyer. I said "Hello" to her, too, and she asked Mom if I could have a treat. OHMYGAWSH...they were SOOOO good. Like little hot dogs in buns. I'll have to look for them at the market.

Then, at the market, Mom asked for some "tropical waldorf", and they were out of it. But I got a slice of ham for a treat. I always get treats from the people in the Deli section. Sometimes turkey, sometimes beef, sometimes ham. I like them all.

We came home and I went out to check for cats. Mom called me into the house for dinner and, as usual, I ignored her. She didn't get all stressed, though. She absolutely ignored me and that was NO FUN AT ALL. So I came inside and had roast chicken with duck kibble. And some yellow cake (no frosting) for dessert.

See why I had the everly most best day in the world? Yup. Food, friends, and fun. What pup could ask for anything more?

Love and hugs to everyone....


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