Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mary-Margaret, Pin Up Girl

This is what my very good friends Carolina and Lucie in Venezuela made for me and my mom. You know what else? They said I could share it with ALL my friends. And my "fambly", too. I'm everly so honored.

If you double-click on the calendar it will be big enough to print out and hang on your wall ...... or your dog house ...... or ...... someplace really special?

Thank you, Lucie and Carolina. I never thought myself as being on a par with Betty Grable or Gretchen Mol or Giselle Bundchen (blushing with pride.

PS: If you want your very own calendar with YOUR picture on it, contact professional photographer Carolina Herrera. I'm thinking next year maybe I'll be in a bikini? Naw, that might be a tad awkward! I would need at least four tops and only one bottom. Maybe a one-piece? Yup. That would work, I think. Oh, and that really pretty pup on Carolina's page is my VERY good friend, Lucie. She barks in several languages, you know.

PS - This is what I did today mostly.


Mary-Margaret "Pin-up Girl" O'Brien

For service of process in Temecula or Murrieta see RASCAL. Going on our 32nd year in business!


Carolina Mendez said...

You are a DIVA.

Tibby said...

Hi Mary-Margaret!
You look fabulous on your very own calender! What a special girl you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary-Margaret. It was fun hanging out with you today at Marilyn's.