Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year - A New Friend

This is my new friend, Max. We saw him and his nanny taking a walk in our neighborhood so we stopped the car. Me and Max nuzzled and visited for a bit. Isn't he everly so handsome? Gosh....I wish my mom would take me for walks like that. Or maybe get me a nanny, too?

Anyway, I talked to Max while Mom tried to talk to the Nanny. Hello? Mom doesn't speak Spanish OR Dog. Max and I spoke "Dog" while Mom and the nanny each spoke English and Spanish, respectively. Nanny didn't speak English or Dog either. Everybody got along really well, though. We don't seem to have much of a problem with that.

Pretty soon it was time to say "arf weinerschnitzle" (which is Dachshund for "catch you later, dude!").

Happy New Year, Everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Tibby said...

Hi Mary-Margaret!
Your new friend looks like a cutie! I hope you had fun talking with him!